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inflammation of the lining of the stomach

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However, similar thickening may also be seen in Menetrier's disease, lymphoma, scirrhous carcinoma, Crohn's disease, and granulomatous disease.
Lymphocytic gastritis may be found in association with coeliac disease (glutensensitive enteropathy), Menetrier's disease (hypertrophic gastropathy characterised by a hypertrophic gastric mucosa with convoluted, thickened mucosal folds and protein-losing enteropathy), as an abnormal response to HP infection or NSAID use, or in association with lymphocytic/collagenous colitis.
The gastric mucosa can be thickened (hypertrophic gastric folds mimic Menetrier's disease in some cases), but it can be atrophic with polypoid lesions in others [6,12,15].
This patient was found to have oesophageal xanthalasma and Barrett's oesophagus on endoscopy, and was then shown to have Menetrier's disease on endoscopic ultrasound.
Hypertrophic gastropathy (Menetrier's disease) and several immunodeficiency syndromes have also been linked with gastric cancer, but the strength of these associations is uncertain.