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the theory of inheritance based on Mendel's laws

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What did Sutton see?: Thirtyyears of confusion over the chromosomal basis of Mendelism. Genetics 176: 1939-1944.
His theory of heredity became known as 'Mendelism'.
Mendelism allowed Darwin's variation to be explained by the mathematical recombinations of atomic "factors" that were still confined within limits.
This newly fledged plant genetic science, based upon rediscovery of Mendelism, (40) fundamentally changed PGRs "from a possible source of new production to a probable source." (41) Due to the significant increase of private sector agricultural research investment over the last thirty years or so, major private companies currently are taking the lead in plant breeding.
Interest in the theory of discontinuous variations and the possibility of controlling that discrete and abrupt change which produces new species was also influential in reviving interest in Mendelism. (82)
--Ashby, Eric: Genetics in the Soviet Union, reimpreso por Nature: The Tension Between Mendelism And Michurin Genetics, 1948.
She explores the results of international trade of army horses; government regulations on heredity control; and practices that incorporated Mendelism, eugenics, and Darwinism; as well as the development of animal medicine and humanitarian movements during the height of the horse's usefulness.
1902 Walter Sutton Pointed out the inter-relationships between cytology and Mendelism, closing the gap between cell morphology and heredity.