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Augustinian monk and botanist whose experiments in breeding garden peas led to his eventual recognition as founder of the science of genetics (1822-1884)

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MENDEL is built around specialized algorithms and extensive academic research providing deep insight into network traffic in order to make the detection of advanced threats such as WannaCry or other behavioral anomalies more sensitive and reliable, while simultanelusly decreasing the costs of operation.
This generates gases that, when liquefied, can stick to the mold--like tar, as Mendel puts it.
Kalman Jacob Mann, deputy medical director of the hospital, to Mendel, dated Nov.
Make that 1,004: this week, Rabbi Mendel and Mussie Alperowitz and their two young daughters will travel from Brooklyn to Sioux Falls to become the official Chabad emissaries there, ending the state's distinction as the nation's only one without a rabbi.
Mendel will assume full responsibility for overseeing the Wisconsin flagship plus subsidiaries in California, Houston and Mexico.
Mendel has evolved from a legendary, fifth-generation French fur house, to a global luxury fashion brand with its use of fur as fabric, and its creation of an impeccable ready-to-wear collection.
Hebrew sources said that Colonel Mendel had stressed in a radio interview that the Qassam Brigades (a military wing of Hamas) were currently focussing on restoring their military power, including explosives and rocket launchers.
As we shall see, Mendel is a survivor and he suffers from the ills that Levi describes in his other books: shame, guilt, and a sense of physical and psychological exhaustion.
US-based fertiliser maker Koch Agronomic Services, LLC said that one of its subsidiaries has purchased the biological research and development business of Mendel Biotechnology, Inc.
There's nothing more beautiful than a woman covering herself with layers of clothes,'' said Gilles Mendel, J.
I think I would have liked to have met Gregor Mendel.
The hybridization work of Mendel, 102 years after starting the controversy
Mendel, the fifth-generation luxury brand, is recommitting to the Garment District for another 10 years.
With aspirational and sophisticated styling, this urban SUV concept showcases the dynamic sculpting and vibrant character lines of a sporty coupe in the confident, capable stance of an SUV," American Honda sales chief John Mendel told a press conference at the Detroit auto show.
Mendel Suchmacher and Mauro Geller (both clinical immunology, Carlos Chagas Institute of Medical Post-graduation, Rio de Janeiro) share the lessons they have learned over several years assimilating mathematical concepts through biostatistics-specialized literature, personal guidance, and reading clinical trials.