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United States journalist and literary critic (1880-1956)

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If this quote has a distinctly Menckenian flavor, the next has even more.
Editor Yardley scrupulously left all of this in the text--"no whitewash," he writes in a Menckenian passage of his generally admiring introduction, "is intended or desired." He goes on to point out that Mencken "lived in his time and not in ours," and that in Mencken's time "racial and ethnic slurs were commonplace among even educated Americans."
He scorned the "uplifters" and "world-savers" of the New Deal, and his writings during the 1930s were cantankerously critical of politicians to the left of Alf Landon (whom he supported for the presidency in 1936, for good Menckenian reasons: "He works hard, says little, and pays his debts").
They said he would be great as he was." He can also wield a deadly Menckenian lance.
He castigated the Village experiments as "sex rebellion instead of revolution" and ridiculed the practice of "writing sexy novels for adolescent Menckenians and jaded bourgeoisie" in the twenties (1926 28).