garbage collection

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the collection and removal of garbage

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Topics include using Objective-C by to create objects and learn memory management; the Model-View-Controller (MVC) method of sharing data between objects; and understanding foundation value classes; and making custom views with AppKit.
Plus, HTC Vision will be the world's first smartphone installed with Android 2.2, which is updated from Android 2.1 with improved memory management and usage.
Separate memory management for the high- and low-speed samplers supports longterm trend monitoring as well as fast transient capture with good time resolution.
SanDisk's memory management expertise and X3 controller technology allow for the continued cost-effective growth of mobile storage solutions.
Developers get access to iPad features such as layout controls.<p>"There's an army of .Net developers out there that are already comfortable with the [C#] language and we still have some .Net features that are not available to Objective-C developers on the iPhone, such as garbage collection," for memory management, Hill said.<p>Copyright 2009 IDG Middle East.
The Book of Xen explores the open source virtualization tool for system administrators, explaining everything needed to use Xen effectively from installation and networking to memory management and storage.
Performance advances, such as enhanced memory management techniques and the use of memory objects with more applications, also result in elapsed time savings for a wide variety of applications.
HyperView 8.0 introduces Smart Memory Management, which significantly improves animation speed and memory management to easily handle multimillion-element models on both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.
With 32-bit technology and with workarounds that add proprietary memory management, systems often run slowly or may even stop.
Using the Software House Integration Engine (SHINE), a powerful platform that uses Microsoft's .NET object-oriented managed code, C-CURE 9000 provides users with benefits such as distributed computing capability, simplified development, and superior memory management. It streamlines application management and enables more successful business operations.
Navigation and the screen look have also been enhanced along with device storage for memory management and data fields that now include extra contacts and birthdates.
Performance of the SMP is highly dependent on the application running and on how much incumbent memory management and parallelism efficiency is built into the application.
From cache misses and memory management issues to network performance and dump analysis from crashes, Linux Debugging And Performance Tuning Tips And Techniques is packed with real-world examples, with screen shots and code lists helping explain debugging logic and procedures.
PC users don't want or need to think about disk or memory management; they just want to surf the net in peace.
The advanced memory management of the JamaicaVM makes garbage collection activity completely predictable, so that even high priority threads can perform hard realtime tasks without interruptions.