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hard disk

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the power of retaining and recalling past experience

an act or instance of remembering

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Namely, assembly code often addresses memory locations with the same base address, but different offset.
S [member of] Stmts ::= [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] fun [member of] Funs ::= f (p){S; return ([S.sub.r]);} inhrt [member of] Inherits ::= [epsilon] | inherits C cls [member of] Classes ::= class C inhrt {fun*} prog [member of] Progs ::= cls* main() {S} The ready analysis is a forward analysis that takes as an input a set of statements and memory locations (the ready set of the first program point).
We now show how to obtain an integral feasible solution that uses at most D - 1 extra memory locations. We show how to construct an integral solution for every t in the range [0, 1).
A memory function [Mem.sub.Y] is valid iff for all z [element of] [D.sub.Y], the next write after [t.sub.Y](z) into the memory location [Mem.sub.Y](z) occurs after all uses of Y[z].
Processors waiting to acquire a lock are arranged in a linked list; each processor spins on a separate memory location. MCS locks, therefore, avoid significant invalidation traffic even for heavily contended locks.
Another memory access issue in parallel computers is how to synchronize updates to a given memory location when several processors are updating the same word.
In all existing cache coherence protocols, several read-only copies of the same memory location can exist in the system at the same time.
For example, a CISC processor might have an instruction to add data in one memory location to data in another memory location.
Having used Knights Ferry hardware, it is clear that synchronization upon a single memory location can dramatically slow program execution, because it will cause the cores to serialize when accessing one cache or memory location.
A separate memory location to write a 64-bit serial number is provided.
A program is written to set up the diode tests in the memory location of the source/memory instruments.
A type for a memory location is either a class (name), or the primitive type i, or a term of the form, where p is an address, or a special symbol u.
Called Concurrent Read, Owner Write, or CROW-PRAMs, these are machines in which each global memory location is assigned a unique "owner" processor, which is the only processor allowed to write into it.
An update of a memory location with the same value can also cause a race condition in this article, although it can never change the behavior of the program (the memory location is updated, but it is not changed).
Design rationale: The queue provides perfect fairness and allows each waiting CPU to spin on its own memory location, greatly reducing memory-bandwidth consumption at high contention.