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Synonyms for memorial

Synonyms for memorial

something, as a structure or custom, serving to honor or keep alive a memory

serving to honor or keep alive a memory

Synonyms for memorial

a recognition of meritorious service

a written statement of facts submitted in conjunction with a petition to an authority

References in classic literature ?
I thought you would like to cherish her memory--I thought--" Dorothea broke off an instant, her imagination suddenly warning her away from Aunt Julia's history--"you would surely like to have the miniature as a family memorial.
After some further discussion, it was gravely settled that Kearney should furnish water brought from the Union Ditch, twenty miles away, at a cost of two hundred thousand dollars, to feed a memorial fountain erected by Mattingly, worth a hundred thousand dollars, as a crowning finish to public buildings contributed by Maryland Joe, to the extent of half a million more.
As a point of evidence that may be useful to Clifford, and also as a memorial valuable to myself,--for, Phoebe, there are hereditary reasons that connect me strangely with that man's fate,--I used the means at my disposal to preserve this pictorial record of Judge Pyncheon's death.
She said it was the last relic she should ever have of her child; and that no other memorial of her could ever be so precious, because this one parted latest from the living body before the awful death came.
There was no want of likeness, she had been fortunate in the attitude, and as she meant to throw in a little improvement to the figure, to give a little more height, and considerably more elegance, she had great confidence of its being in every way a pretty drawing at last, and of its filling its destined place with credit to them botha standing memorial of the beauty of one, the skill of the other, and the friendship of both; with as many other agreeable associations as Mr.
Dick, and I'll be glad to know how he gets on with his Memorial.
The brown pot could never be of use to him any more, but he stuck the bits together and propped the ruin in its old place for a memorial.
Happy the age, happy the time," he continued, "in which shall be made known my deeds of fame, worthy to be moulded in brass, carved in marble, limned in pictures, for a memorial for ever.
They sent a humble petition to the king, and a memorial to the Parliament, beseeching that the Stamp Act might be repealed.
Shortly after that hour we accordingly proceeded to the Taboo Groves, and as soon as we entered their precincts, I looked fearfully round in, quest of some memorial of the scene which had so lately been acted there; but everything appeared as usual.
it was evident the old man enjoyed the chase more as a memorial of his youthful sports and deeds than with any expectation of profiting by the success.
We can't go without seeing Disko off," said Harvey; "and Monday's Memorial Day.
As was the custom of the time, each passer-by added a stone to the memorial heap.
As silent rivers into silent lakes, Through hush of reeds that not a murmur breaks, Wind, mindful of the poppies whence they came, So may my life, and calmly burn away, As ceases in a lamp at break of day The flagrant remnant of memorial flame.
A woman, in your place, would have parted with her life rather than part with the one memorial left of the time when she first loved