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DBRS rates the EU AAA primarily on the basis of its Support Assessment, in which the credit ratings of the EU's core member states is the primary factor, saying that the ratings are underpinned by the creditworthiness of the EU's core member states and their collective commitment to support the EU's ability to repay its debt.
A number of instruments of ratification were deposited by participating Member States over the past days.
91) Where the dispute concerns treatment accorded at least partially by the Member State and partially by the EU, the Member State may act as respondent, but even then, the Commission enjoys broad discretion and primacy in deciding whether it nevertheless wishes to act as the respondent.
Admission to UNESCO for states that are not members of the United Nations requires a recommendation by the Organization's Executive Board and a two thirds majority vote in favor by the General Conference of Member States present and voting (abstentions are not considered as votes).
The proposal aims mainly at creating a mechanism that would provide necessary support to member states if needed, in a way that would ensure both a convergence of economic models within the GCC and similar standards of living for its citizens," he added.
2005) Complying with Europe: EU Harmonisation and Soft Law in the Member States, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge; New York.
This would lead to a situation where use of cars would be divorced from the cost of road infrastructure and traffic congestion in each member state.
CIENES in Chile offers an interesting example of how the OAS has sparked development in member states through these centers and how it provided training opportunities when they were needed.
How do the provisions apply when a purchaser is going to be using the product concurrently in member states (i.
Any member state can withdraw from the agreement, except for a window of six months prior to the expiration of a presidential term.
Second, the Commission risks undermining its influence by linking its justified concerns over government interference with the call on member states to shift more competencies to Brussels.
No one is really quite sure of the effects the legislation will have in the long term, says Mathews, but for now, each member state is able to independently seek its own way to comply with the regulations.
The Commission of the European Communities (hereinafter the Commission), the executive body of the EU, has recently proposed that the Member States of the EU consider shifting to formula apportionment (FA) to divide the consolidated income of groups of EU corporations operating in more than one Member State among those Member States.
When a part of the territory of a member state ceases to be a part of that state, eg because that territory becomes an independent state, the treaties will no longer apply to that territory.
On the initiative of the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, the Health Security Committee (HSC) was set up with representatives of the ministries of health from each member state.
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