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Tine Reporting Member State must prepare a Part I assessment report within 45 days of the validation date.
As of December 2012, a total of 132 (68%) of the 194 member states had introduced RCV: three (7%) in the African Region (AFR), 35 (100%) in AMR, 14 (64%) in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR), 53 (100%) in EUR, five (45%) in the South-East Asia Region (SEAR), and 22 (81%) in the Western Pacific Region (WPR).
To address the concerns voiced by member states over the implementation of free movement rules on the ground, the Commission proposes five actions:
Mr Bufton also omits to mention that UK judges, too, can issue EAWs requiring other member states to arrest and return persons who have fled from British justice.
Mann and Purnhagen emphasize that EU citizenship is prima facie dependent on "being national of a Member State.
The agreement provides that member states should notify the Commission of all existing bilateral agreements with third countries.
Every national of an EU Member State has in general the right to work in another Member State (Article 39 EC and Regulation 1612/ 68 on freedom of movement for workers within the Community).
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has judged in the Synthon Judgement of 16 October 2008 (Case C-452/06) (the ' Synthon Judgement') that each Member State has to assess whether the application for a marketing authorization fulfils the validity criteria as set out in article 28 of Directive 2001/83/EC as amended.
Nationals of third countries who are legally residing in one of the EU Member States (except Denmark) are also entitled.
This will be changed by the new system, and presidential electors will no longer be chosen by popular vote, but by one person only--the chief election officer in each member state.
The EU Commission has reacted forcefully to the growing protectionistic behavior of some EU member states, pointing to the need to respect the EU treaties and the principles of the European single market.
However, the directive does not demand that each member state set up its system in the same way.
On the initiative of the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, the Health Security Committee (HSC) was set up with representatives of the ministries of health from each member state.
Each EU member state can legislate its own policies on data retention--namely, whether ISPs would be required to retain information on customers' Internet activity in the event of future police investigations or whether such data would only begin to be collected in the event that an investigation is launched.
The Council Decision lays down the rules under which a Member State must domestically provide that its courts will recognize and immediately execute a freezing order issued by a judicial authority of another Member State in the course of a criminal proceeding (Articles 1 & 5).
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