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a republic on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean

a strategically located island to the south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea

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Melita offers a range of rich content and broadband download speeds of up to 250mbps.
Yes, she was Left Wing and could often be seen sipping tea from a Che Guevara mug in her rose garden - but she was certainly no threat to the system, Yet, Melita - codename Hola was the best.
But the difference is Melita can't argue because she's dead.
Melita is deploying the SeaChange Express solution with the SeaChange Adrenalin video back office and SeaChange VOD Managed Services, as well as a premium content offering with service management from SeaChange's On Demand Group.
How did Melita know about his inordinate love of breakfast preserves?
Burke (history, Cambridge U., UK) had already been involved in conducting weekly interviews with Melita Norwood while researching her father, a Latvian disciple of the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy, when he was shocked to learn from the headlines of the newspapers that Norwood had just been publicly outed as a KGB intelligence source spying on Britain for a period of about 40 years following her recruitment in 1937.
The Ericsson solution will allow Melita to deploy new services rapidly and cost-effectively, while optimizing its existing infrastructure, the company said.
Melita said: "Guild members chose very varied pieces for their inspiration."
The Eston couple, who celebrate their diamond wedding tomorrow, met in Catterick in 1943 when Melita was singing with a Salvation Army choir and Stan was with the Army.
At Melita Presbyterian Church we especially appreciated the article, A Cow Is Calving ...
Lisa Jahn-Clough's Country Girl, City Girl (06184-47911, $15.00) tells of one Phoebe Sharp, who wears clothes from Goodwill and lives with her family on an isolated farm with no friends--until she meets Melita. Melita comes from the big city and brings with her visit a sophistication alien to Phoebe: an unlikely friendship evolves which could lead to understanding--and danger.
Rick Melita, political director of the Connecticut State Employees Association, noted that outgoing DEP commissioner Arthur Rocque complained that the agency was chronically underfunded.
A Sinner Of Memory is an impress anthology of essays written by poet and essayist Melita Schuam and arising from her personal life experiences.
Concerto Software, Inc., a provider of customer interaction management (CIM) solutions, has announced completion of the merger with Melita International Ltd.
Melita International, Inc., Atlanta, a global provider of proactive contact solutions dedicated to maximizing contact center effectiveness, has introduced a Linux solution for Conversations, Melita's industry leading voice contact management solution.