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a blemish on the skin that is formed before birth

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For example, when no clinical information is provided, and the pathologic process shows benign nevus, the diagnosis might read intradermal melanocytic nevus (no clinical information provided).
Congenital melanocytic nevus was located on the forehead as a single lesion of a baby boy (Fig.
Heritability and gene-environment interactions for melanocytic nevus density examined in a U.
In all eight cases, melanomas developed in areas that were uncovered or only partially covered by clothing--the upper back, lower thigh, and calf--and all but one were associated with an atypical or congenital melanocytic nevus.
And even rarer congenital melanocytic nevus, garment nevus (also called cape or bathing-trunk nevus), have a higher incidence of melanoma.
Kissing nevus, divided nevus, eyelids, congenital melanocytic nevus.
Therefore, NMDAR in melanocytic nevus may be a potential autoantigen in the pathogenesis of anti-NMDAR encephalitis.
3] The life time risk of malignant transformation in a giant melanocytic nevus ranges from two to 31 percent with an average of 12% as reported by Kopf et al.
4-8) However, none of these markers can reliably distinguish between a neurotized melanocytic nevus and a neurofibroma.
Other cutaneous lesions also related to amyloid deposits are linear verrucous epidermal nevus (23), melanocytic nevus (23, 24), seborrheic kerato-sis (5), actinic keratosis (6), or Bowen's disease (25).
Luther H, Altmeyer P, Garbe C, Ellwanger U, Jahn S, Hoffmann K, Segerlig M: Increase of melanocytic nevus counts in children during 5 years of follow-up and analysis of associated factors.
A differential diagnosis for classic Kaposi's sarcoma includes stasis dermatitis ("acroangiodermatitis"), melanocytic nevus, pyogenic granuloma, hemangioma, granuloma annulare, arthropod assault, and dermatofibroma/dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DF/DFSP).
Melanocytic nevus with pregnancy-related changes in size accompanied by apoptosis of nevus cells: A case report.