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Admittedly, some may argue that Melanesian claimants to Jewishness are really Christians, not Jews, and thus the discourse encourages no rethinking of Jewish self-definitions.
The current unrest, while ostensibly about air travel, is underwritten by longer-term trends involving the growing impoverishment and disenfranchisement of the Melanesian community.
In a eucharist rich in symbolism--from the transporting of the gospel in a flower-bedecked mini-canoe by Melanesians to the choice of homilist, music, and processional robes--Anglican bishops, their spouses and ecumenical participants gathered July 20 at the historic Canterbury Cathedral for the opening service of the 2008 Lambeth Conference.
An earlier article explored the criteria to be satisfied in order to describe a Melanesian research methodology (Vallance, 2007).
It begins with research questions about truth and reconciliation processes in Indonesia and Timor-Leste, and is followed by Melanesian cases as well as both from Indonesian-ruled Papua and from the independent Solomon Islands.
Minister Kubuabola updated Ambassador Ben-Schmuel, who is based in Canberra, on his recent trip to Solomon Islands for the Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) Summit and the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Leaders Summit, where he also met Israeli Special Envoy to the Pacific Islands, Mr Tibor Shalev Schlosser.
These processes reappropriate Jewish traditions not only as part of their Christian legacy but also as ancestral Melanesian traditions.
CAKARTA (CyHAN)- Indonesia's eastern city of Kupang was scheduled to host the initial Melanesian Festival from Oct.
A central lesson from Tim Anderson's latest book is that the 'modernist' view of land as a commodity does not sit well with Melanesian cultures.
Mantovani begins from the anthropological perspective, presenting the elements of Melanesian religions as he sees them.
SIR - On a Melanesian island in the Pacific during World War 2, local indigenous people saw American forces air planes land full of food, medicine and clothing.
At a national level, Melanesian countries are often classified as the world's most vulnerable countries.
High HTLV-1 prevalence rates in some indigenous Australian and Melanesian communities coupled with frequent early childhood infection with HTLV-1 should therefore be associated with a correspondingly high risk for ATLL, yet few cases of HTLV-1-associated complications have been reported from Australasia (9,10).
Among the topics are linguistic material and marital exchange in the construction of Melanesian societies, anthropology and the future of sexuality studies, what is left out in kinship, Godelier and the Asiatic mode, and the dialectic of cosmopolitanization and indigenization in the contemporary world system.