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German theologian and Luther's successor as leader of the Reformation in Germany (1497-1560)

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Coming upon a prodigy, Luther and Melancthon made themselves prophets of God's will, but Trinculo and Stephano seek a different kind of profit, hoping to make money off the man they mistake for a monster.
En este proyecto educativo, Lutero y Melancthon jugaron un papel importante, cada uno con una funcion distinta.
(1) This includes the Sarum litany for Rogation Monday (similar to the present Roman Catholic Litany of the Saints); an eighth-century litany from the pontifical of Egbert, Archbishop of York; a medieval litany from Germany revised by Luther in 1528 or 1529 (published in both German and Latin); a German litany drawn up in 1543 by Phillip Melancthon and Martin Bucer for a prayer book commissioned by Archbishop Hermann of Cologne; the litany in Marshall's Primer of 1535; the 5th volume of a collection by Genricus Canisuius entitled Antiquae Lectiones (including litanies of Ratpertus and Notker); and certain Greek litanies originating in the Orthodox Church.
PETERSON, "The Humanistic, Fideistic Philosophy of Philip Melancthon (1947-1560)." Adviser: James South.
Just recently in Melancthon, Ontario, Canada, protesters showed up in numbers to oppose an aggregate project that they say will wreak havoc on the local ecological communities.
From Erasmus, Mack turns to the rhetorical writings of Philip Melancthon. Melancthon was a tireless Protestant reformer who, in 1519 published De rhetorica libri tres, in 1528 a logic text book, and then in 1547 another rhetoric text book, Elementa rhetorices libri duo, that Mack calls one of the most influential of the century (107).
Many people I know were among the 28,000 who protested the "Mega Quarry" by attending Foodstock in Melancthon Township near Orangeville, Ontario.
Philip Melancthon rebutted Anabaptists in his treatise Adversus Anabaptistas Philippi Melanthonis Iudicium.
With the Melancthon EcoPower Centre and now Wolfe Island, we own and operate the two largest wind installations in the country.'
Few are the foreheads which like Shakespeare's or Melancthon's rise so high, and descend so low, that the eyes themselves seem clear, eternal, tideless mountain lakes; and all above them in the forehead's wrinkles, you seem to track the antlered thoughts descending there to drink, as the Highland hunters track the snow prints of the deer.
Wengert's essay on Melanc-thon is especially important in this regard (given how little has been written on Melancthon and the Jews this might have been more properly titled an "appraisal" than a "reappraisal")- Melancthon appears to have had a good deal of engagement with Jewish exegesis and texts (somewhat under the influence of Reuchlin).
CHD has constructed 45 of the planned 88 turbine windmills in a $27-million project near the village of Shelbourne, which is just north of Orangeville in Melancthon Township.
Noel, Erasmo, Melancthon, e incluso el honesto Frobenius entre otros innumerables ilustres de esa epoca, por sabiduria y otras virtudes?
"Melancthon and Luther both believed the end was not far off," Katharine Firth notes, "and likely to come before 1600." (9) Hiroshi Ozawa notes that "eclipses were observed in England in 1598, once of the sun and twice of the moon, which stirred fresh popular speculation that the end of the world was close at hand." (10) These eclipses ominously followed "a sequence of apocalyptic signs in the nova of 1572, the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in 1583, and the defeat of the Armada in 1588." (11) Nevertheless, some later Elizabethans, such as Robert Pont in his widely read A Newe Treatise of the Right Reckoning of the Yeares (1599), believed that Doomsday would occur at some time just after the centennial year 1600.