Melampsora lini

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fungus causing flax rust

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L6 resistance gene encodes NBS-LRR class ofR gene that confers race specific resistance to strains of flax rust (Melampsora lini) that carry avirulence alleles of the AvrL567 gene (64).
Upon screening the plants for resistance to the flax rust, Melampsora lini, they found a plant that had lost its resistance, a sign that Ac and Ds had performed as hoped.
Host pathogen interactions in natural populations of Linum marginale and Melampsora lini: II.
Another look-alike protein, this one from a gene in flax plants, fortifies flax against a fungus, Melampsora lini. If unchecked, the fungus causes rust disease.
York is resistant to all known North America races of flax rust [caused by Melampsora lini (Ehrenb.) Desmaz.], and had good tolerance to wilt [caused by Fusarium oxysporum Schlechtend.: Fr.