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German anatomist (1829-1905)

German physicist (1882-1974)

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Meisner says insurance carriers have to be careful in setting expectations.
Following this album Randy Meisner resumed his session playing, using his skills as a singer and guitarist with the likes of James Taylor, Joe Walsh, Dan Fogelberg, Bob Welch and Richie Furay.
Meisner, meanwhile, is scheduled to return to court on Jan.
"Quantopian is building its legal and compliance infrastructure in anticipation of managing money for external investors," Meisner told InsideCounsel as to why it needed to create the post.
THE wife of Eagles star Randy Meisner accidentally shot herself dead after calling police over a disturbance at their home.
Guitarist Frey and drummer Henley formed the Eagles in Los Angeles in the early 1970s, along with guitarist Bernie Leadon and bassist Randy Meisner.
Gilbert, AZ, June 10, 2015 --( Tony Meisner of Gilbert, Arizona has been recognized by the National Alliance of Male Executives-N.A.M.E.
"Dave Meisner [Gun Dog's founder] came to one of the trials and asked the officials if he could interview the winner.
Having graduated the Neighborhood Playhouse in 1948, I was not an "acting student" of Sanford Meisner 13 years later, in 1961.
It records the efforts of Meisner and her wife, an interracial and trilingual couple, to do just that (which they manage to do with only a two-month gap between them).
NNA - The Vatican on Friday said the Archbishop of Cologne Cardinal Joachim Meisner, who has made controversial comments about Muslims, was stepping down from his duties as archbishop after reaching retirement age, according to AFP.
You might remember reading about Andy's pal Keith Meisner - the Exile of Elgin - in this fine publication two months ago.
Vincent's said that both the hospital ethics department and Cardinal Joachim Meisner had prohibited performing examinations after sexual assaults so that they would not have to deal with an unwanted pregnancy, i.e., a woman who wanted an abortion.
Cardinal Joachim Meisner of Cologne, Germany, visited the former pope in April.
In February 1972, Glenn, Don, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner recorded their debut album in England.