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(genetics) cell division that produces reproductive cells in sexually reproducing organisms

understatement for rhetorical effect (especially when expressing an affirmative by negating its contrary)

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A recently published paper noted that embryo derived from reciprocal aneuploid oocyte (untimely sister chromatid division during meiosis I, revealed after polar body biopsy) resulted in the birth of a healthy child after correct chromatid segregation during meiosis II [33].
(2/7 = 24) (Souza y Santana Pereira, 2011), sin embargo fueron entendidas como resultantes de anomalias en la disposicion del huso acromatico en meiosis II.
Los estadios finales de la meiosis II no presentaron micronucleos que pudieran indicar perdida de material genetico y ademas, las tetradas generadas mostraron forma y tamano normales, condiciones que contribuyen a sugerir su viabilidad.
Esta banda de organulos permitiria el reparto equitativo de estos elementos celulares entre las celulas posmeioticas y ademas, dado que se presenta por lo general en especies con esporogenesis o microsporogenesis de tipo simultaneo, podria evitar interferencias entre los husos meioticos durante la meiosis II (Bednara et al.
Following meiosis II in Equisetum, the organelles repopulate the spores in successive waves, first plastids, followed by mitochondria resulting in approximately equipartitioning of the organelles to each spore of the tetrad.
The second division of meiosis (meiosis II) has many aspects that are nearly identical to mitosis.
In this context, the term "meiosis" refers to the process whereby a nucleus divides by two divisions (meiosis I and meiosis II) into four gametes.
Our use of three-color FISH allowed us to compare the frequencies of various disomic and nullisomic sperm within the same samples and to assess whether the disomy and diploidy errors occurred during meiosis I (X-Y-21 and X-Y-21-21) or meiosis II (X-X-21,Y-Y-21, X-X-21-21, Y-Y-21-21).
The NDJ event in the female parent may occur at either the Meiosis I (Figure 7C) or Meiosis II (Figure 7D) division; however, it is not possible to distinguish these events in this experiment.
Secondary spermatocytes undergo meiosis II to give rise to spermatids.
The second meiosis division, meiosis II, is similar to mitosis in its activities.