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(genetics) cell division that produces reproductive cells in sexually reproducing organisms

understatement for rhetorical effect (especially when expressing an affirmative by negating its contrary)

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Oyster eggs are arrested before meiosis I and commence after fertilization.
Meiosis is an essential event in the life cycle of all sexually reproducing plants.
Finally, either the chromatids in mitosis or the chromosomes in meiosis I reach the polar state caused by the shrinkage of the spring to its natural length and the diminishing energy of the spring (Figures 1D and 2D).
Halkka (1959) considered the post-reductional meiosis is the most primitive type of meiosis.
The centromeres of each of the two homologous chromosomes paired during the first part of meiosis I are pulled apart and move toward opposite poles of the cell--this occurs in anaphase I.
Dyads from meiosis I united completely and reorganized on a single division plane, except for a few dyads that were separated from the metaphase II division plane - "orphan chromosomes" [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1L OMITTED].
The developing meiosis I spindle is oriented with the metaphase plate in the plane of the equatorial cleavage furrows and the poles straddling the mutually perpendicular polar cleavage furrows (Fig.
Understanding the process of meiosis is important, as defects in meiosis are a major cause of miscarriages in humans.
Godolphin's Meiosis is the unknown quantity of the race, having won her only start, at the Newmaraket Guineas meeting.
Hence, the cost of meiosis is reduced in proportion to the relatedness of the inbreeding relatives, from 1/2 to 1/2(1 - r) (Barash 1976; Maynard Smith 1978; Solbrig 1979; Lloyd 1980; Williams 1980; Uyenoyama 1986, 1987; Yahara 1992).
This first phase of meiosis is when a developing egg or sperm cell is most likely to make mistakes in distributing one of each chromosome to its two daughter cells.
Surprisingly, we still know very little about how mammalian oocytes mature into eggs, and it is still unclear why chromosome segregation during meiosis is so much more error-prone than during mitosis.
Meiosis is 5-1 third favourite with Cork-based Cashmans, who make Lahan their 3-1 market leader to complete a unique Guineas double.
Meiosis is a prerequisite for fertilization of the oocyte.
In WPs 3 and 4, I will apply novel methods to isolate the specific cells undergoing meiosis, and use transcriptomics, targeted proteomics and pull-down assays to investigate how meiosis is regulated.