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Horizontal and vertical distribution of meiofauna on sandy beaches of the North Sea (The Netherlands, Belgium, France).
Impacts of trawling on the diversity, biomass and structure of meiofauna assemblages, Marine Biology, 140: 83-93.
Certain meiofauna are known to survive dry conditions by entering an anhydrobiotic state in which their metabolism reversibly comes to a standstill.
Predation on meiofauna by juvenile spot Leiostomus xanthurus (Pisces) in contaminated sediments from Charleston Harbor, South Carolina, USA.
The true brackish-water meiofauna typical of the Baltic Sea was investigated by Pallo et al.
Shabdin Mohd Long 2006 Marine and estuarine meiofauna of Sarawak, Malaysia: A review.
taxifolia and temporal dynamics of its epibiotic meiofauna in the port
How many of the following can you define: epifauna, sesile, crevices, infauna, substrate, planktonic, lecithotrophic, demersal, foraminiferan protozoans, macrofauna, meiofauna, abyssal plain, continental shelf, oscillate, flotsam and jetsam.
They controlled the prey supply by adding either Euglena (a motile single-celled organism) atone or Euglena plus tiny invertebrate animals (copepods, nematode worms and the like), known collectively as meiofauna.
Individual articles discuss the use of manures, human wastes, and terrestrial vegetation and aquatic macrophytes in aquaculture; detrital and algal-based food chains in aquaculture; the role of meiofauna in marine detrital systems; composition and nutritive values of detritus; carbon pathways in aquatic detrital systems; production of organic fertilizers by composting; conversion of cellulosic and other organic wastes into microbial proteins; methods for determining biomass and productivity of microorganisms in detrital food webs; the role and impact of anaerobic microbial processes in aquatic systems; trophic dynamics of particle-bound bacteria in pelagic ecosystems, functional roles of the major groups of bacteria associated with detritus; and more.
To faciliate data standardization, the Authority is pursuing efforts to standardize the taxonomy of three classes of fauna - megafauna, macrofauna and meiofauna.
Among the topics are the nitrogen isotopic analysis of dissolved inorganic and organic nitrogen in soil extracts, the role of meiofauna in deep-sea benthic food webs revealed by carbon and nitrogen stable isotope analysis, fish scales as a record of atmospheric change, estimating transpiration from the oxygen isotope composition of leaf organic matter, and an improved method for the precise determination of carbon isotopic composition of amino acids.
Measuring the water content of a recently discovered microtubellarian required moving the meiofauna in a small drop of water and observing the rate of mass loss as the water external to the worm evaporated.
This phenomenon was probably due to abundance of meiofauna at the beginning of culture period and different intensities of predation by shrimps.