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large silvery game fish of warm Atlantic coastal waters especially off Florida

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Species Family Source Cranchia scabra Cranchiidae Young (1972), Young and Mangold (2016) Taonius megalops Cranchiidae Dilly (1972) Teuthowenia Cranchiidae lmber(1978) pellucida Gonatus onyx Gonatidae Kubodera and Okutani (1981) Gonatus onyx and Gonatidae Arkhipkin and Bizikov (1996) seven other species Dosidicus gigas Ommastrephidae Yatsu et al.
Aplicacion de la teoria de modelos multiples en la evaluacion del crecimiento individual del chano (Micropogonias megalops, Gilbert 1890) en el norte del Golfo de California.
That fish is Megalops atlanticus, an archaic, cow-eyed, thick-jawed feeding machine that can reach eight feet in length and weigh 250 pounds.
Given the size selectivity of the Gulf corvina gill net fishery (i.e., 14.6 cm mesh size selects for fish larger than 50 cm), an additional 130 small specimens (mean = 301 mm) were collected from the bycatch of two other commercial gill net fisheries: the commercial blue shrimp fishery (Litopenaeus stylirostris; 5-6 cm mesh; September--December 2009) and the bigeye croaker fishery (Micropogonias megalops; 6-9 cm mesh; April-May 2011) in order to obtain individuals representing younger age classes.
Notes on the metamorphosis of Elops saurus (Linn.) and Megalops cyprinoides (Broussonet) with observations on their growth.
megalops, GR, [greater than or equal to] 5,120); TK148439 (Peromyscus sp., Nayarit, 1,280); TK148793 (Baiomys taylori, JA, 320); TK148836 (R.
armoratus Mangrove 27.67 7.41 26.47 This killifish study Megalops cyprinoides Indo-Pacific 37.6 12.06 31.70 16 tarpon Trichogaster Blue gourami 27.30 10.42 38.17 17 tr'xchopterus Clarias gariepinus African 41.39 13.50 30.27 18 catfish Helcogramma medium Twister 11.55 3.20 27.71 19 Dormitator latifrons Pacific fat 15.5 39.1 25.23 20 sleeper Protopterus African 27.4 7.4 27.01 21 aethiopicu: lungfish No linear relationship was present between Hct and standard length (P = 0.32) or mass (P = 0.54).
The genus Iheringichthys belongs to the order Siluriformes, family Pimelodidae, and includes only two species: Iheringichthys megalops Eigenmann and Ward, 1907, which is found in the Paraguay River basin, and Iheringichthys labrosus, in the Parana River basin (Burgess, 1989).
Tarpon, Megalops cyprinoides Pearl spot, Etroplus suratensis Crustaceans Penaeid prawns Palaemonid prawns, Macrobrachium spp.