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one of the three Furies

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(80) Pincombe frames his essay with the question, 'What--or who--is the source of tragic inspiration?', and he finds Heywood's answer hesitating between the fury Megaera and the muse Melpomene, figures that instantiate 'the transition from medieval [Megaera] to Renaissance [Melpomene]'.
This Preface ends with Heywood calling on the Fury, Megaera (755-74), who drove Tantalus from hell in the Latin drama, to inspire his pen.
Like the Chorus at the end of each act; Megaera, the Fury from Thyestes; the Messenger who relates the extreme violence that happens offstage; stichomythia and the numerous verbal borrowings from Senecan tragedies, this Cupid reflects the ongoing fascination with Seneca that defined Inns of Court drama between the 1560s and 1580s.
22 Tisiphone, Alecto and Megaera are known in English as what?
They embarked aboard the screw steam-ship Megaera on 20 April arriving at their destination in the dying days of the Indian Mutiny.
Brennan tried to distinguish 'between Fury--a direct reference to one of the goddesses [Tisiphone, Megaera, and Allecto]--and fury--the metaphorical use of the word--by the use of the capital' (note on IV.3.125 and 151).
Later writers named them Alecto ("Unceasing in Anger"), Tisiphone ("Avenger of Murder"), and Megaera ("Jealous").