Megaderma lyra

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large carnivorous Old World bat with very large ears

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Megaderma lyra is widely distributed in the south and southeast Asia from Afghanistan to southern China Burma Thailand Cambodia Laos Vietnam south to Sri Lanka West Malaysia and Bangladesh (Simmons 2005).
Comparison of mean external body and cranial measurements (mm) of Megaderma lyra captured from Heroshah tehsil Dargai in Malakand district (present study) with a previous studies from South Asia (Bates and Harrison 1997) and Pakistan (Roberts 1997).
Carnivorous bats such as Megaderma lyra or the greater fishing bat, Noctilio leporinus, could adopt a lunar phobic behavior in order to feed when they are more likely to detect and capture prey.
Night roosting and 'lunar phobia' in Indian false vampire bat Megaderma Lyra. J.
The bats covered 6 species: Miniopterus fuliginosus (n = 640), Hipposideros armiger (n = 8), Rhinolophusferrumequinum (n = 176), Myotis chinensis (n = 11), Megaderma lyra (n = 6), and Hipposideros fulvus (n = 12).
bats, 59 Megaderma lyra bats, and 1 Macroglossus sobrinus bat) during April 2010-March 2011 from the Faridpur, Rajbari, Lalmonirhat, and Comilla Districts in Bangladesh.
Samples of bats captured in Bangladesh and subjected to lyssavirus diagnosis, isolation, and antibody detection * Brains Sera DFAT DFAT Species and MIT only 1:20 ([dagger]) 1:50 Pteropus giganteus 37 97 123 4 Cynopterus sphinx 6 5 6 1 Macroglossus sobrinus 0 1 1 0 Rousettus leshenaulti 0 46 11 0 Megaderma lyra 47 2 24 23 Pipistrellus sp.