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"The Reproductive Biology and Intrinsic Capacity for Increase of the Grey-headed Flying-fox Poliocephalus (Megachiroptera), and the Implications of Culling."
The research was conducted with the short-nosed fruit bat (Cynopterus sphinx); there are no comparable studies of Australian Megachiroptera. The China study showed that 'females .
The cytoarchitectural organization of the Desmodus brain deserves to be compared in parallel with that of other vampire species, bats of other families (especially megachiroptera), and some other representative mammals.
Echoortungsverhalten des flughundes Rousettus aegypticus (Megachiroptera).
Their diversity is so extraordinary that biologists further divide the order by size, into Megachiroptera, or megabats, and Microchiroptera, or microbats.
They are members of the suborder Megachiroptera and the family Pteropodidae.
The bats of the Old and New World Bats show a similar pattern: the niche occupied in Asia and Africa by fruit bats and flying foxes (the Megachiroptera) is occupied in South America by a different, less specialized, group descended from the insect-eating bats (the Microchiroptera).
Old world phytophagous bats (Megachiroptera) and their food plants: a survey.
But when Speakman and Racey went on to compare the energy costs of flight in microbats and in larger, sighted bats of the suborder Megachiroptera, controlling for the difference in body size, they discovered that microbats and megabats use approximately the same amount of energy.
Take the fruit bat -- which actually refers to a large group of bats, the suborder Megachiroptera. Their pointy faces and big ears earned them their nickname, the "flying foxes." They differ from their tinier cousins in that they do not use echolocation to navigate (except for one species, the Egyptian fruit bat).
(%) ELISA+ Megachiroptera Cynopterus sphinx 109 3 (2.8) Rousettus leschenaulti 74 31 (41.9) Total 183 34 (18.6) Microchiroptera Chaerephon plicata 130 0 Hipposideros armiger 1 0 Hipposideros cineraceus 3 0 Hipposideros larvatus 3 0 Hipposideros pomona 5 0 Hypsugo cadornae 25 0 Megaderma spasma 3 0 Miniopterus magnater 1 0 Scotophilus kuhi 45 0 Unidentified 52 0 Total 268 0 Bat species No.
While most of the above-mentioned viruses are carried by tropical fruit bats (Megachiroptera), the predominant hosts of mammalian CoVs, including those related to the agent of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), are insectivorous bats (Microchiroptera) that are not restricted to tropical climates (1).
Review of drinking behaviour of African fruit bats (Mammalia: Megachiroptera).