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In particular megachilid bees showed fairly distinct phenologies consistent with temporal niche separation; Osmia lignaria was collected primarily in the early-season, Anthidium maculosum was most abundant in the mid-season, and Megachile apicalis was a distinctly late-season species (Fig.
Both species received substantial visitation from nectar foraging insects (Table 6B, C), including the same megachilid bees seen at Acacia senegal.
Neff et al., "Flowers and Wild Megachilid Bees Share Microbes," Microbial Ecology, vol.
These bands can be used to distinguish it from all native Australian megachilid bees. Colour bands on Australian bees are due to coloured hairs, whereas the African Carder bee has a pigmented exoskeleton.
Megachilid bees were never observed, but the rounded edge wounds that are characteristic of these bees occurred frequently.