megestrol acetate

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a synthetic progestational compound used to treat endometrial carcinoma


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Some people may experience side effects associated with Megace ES that include impotence, passing gas, rash, high blood pressure, fever, decreased libido, insomnia, upset stomach, and elevated blood sugar.
Virtually immediately, the Megace ES therapy was associated with more rapid weight gain compared to Megace and the effect was sustained for the full 12 week duration of the trial.
The Megace ES package insert notes the following potential adverse effects: diarrhea, cardiomyopathy, palpitation, hepatomegaly, leukopenia, edema, paresthesia, confusion, convulsion, depression, neuropathy, hypesthesia and abnormal thinking, thrombophlebitis, pulmonary embolism, and glucose intolerance.
In June, the company announced that it filed a Paragraph IV for the ANDA of Megace ES by Strativa Pharmaceuticals, a division of Par Pharmaceutical Inc.