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a written account of what transpired at a meeting

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EPUD's meeting minutes show that starting in 2009, the board of directors began meeting for lunch at restaurants outside its district boundaries at least once a month, and recording in its minutes little or nothing of what the board discussed at those sessions.
Federal Reserve policymakers thought cutting inflation remained of ''greatest concern,'' according to their October meeting minutes released Wednesday.
Because courts can only evaluate a Special Committee's decision by evaluating the adequacy of its processes, extensively document the directors' consideration of the plan in the committee meeting minutes and demonstrate that the committee was adequately informed;
A template for recording meeting minutes in tabular form included topic, report/discussion, conclusions/recommendations and, most importantly, expected follow-up.
The meeting minutes also indicate that "a number of other recycling organizations had only recently become aware of the standards harmonization Initiative.
And although there was no support for complete liberalisation either, meeting minutes showed "a large number of delegations" supported the Commission's proposals, which the council secretariat regards as "profound reform".
In the first case the various council meeting minutes should show the conditions on which the named councillors were given their payments.
On April 18, the release of the FOMC's March meeting minutes and a speech by Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco president Janet Yellen preceded a dive in the probability of a further rate increase in June.
The sidebars call attention to excerpts of speeches, interviews, meeting minutes, and books that highlight Mandela's ideas about life in South Africa, adding to the book's appeal.
Drawing on key primary sources such as meeting minutes of the Federation Sportive Feminine Internationale (FSFI), minutes from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive board meetings, and other documents from the archives of the IOC, Carpentier and Lefevre explore how the IOC responded to, and protected itself from, women's demands for access and inclusion in the Olympic Games, particularly during the 1920s.
Auditors should consider interviewing the CAO and reviewing audit committee meeting minutes to obtain evidence about the relationship with the audit committee.
The Downing Street Memo is a document containing meeting minutes transcribed during the British prime minister's meeting on July 23, 2002, with other top British officials eight months prior to our invasion of Iraq.
You can also add the question to meeting minutes, and then simply send a copy of the minutes to the people identified as needing to know.
0, users can organize contacts, send e-mails, create meeting agendas, distribute meeting minutes, assign tasks, and generate reports.
Kensington Play Group Meeting Minutes, November 20, 1939; Notice, Fall 1939; Rebecca Scheirer, "Kensington Nursery School," pamphlet, 1989; Kensington Nursery School, Inc.