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a written account of what transpired at a meeting

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Meeting minutes represent more than a mere record of proceedings.
Furthermore, the Sanguine team is preparing its protocol for the use of PHER-O2 in human whole organ transplant tissue (Liver, Kidneys, Heart, Lung, etcO) as detailed by the Company's meeting minutes.
Pages for the city's various boards and commissions include full meeting minutes.
There was no intent to change any meeting minutes," said Mr.
On Wednesday, the Street will be treated to the November New York Empire State Index, weekly crude oil inventories, and the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting minutes from October 25.
Additionally, review relevant City Council meeting minutes related to the adoption and implementation of the 2011 Bicycle Master Plan.
Stay Informed: Access meeting minutes, meeting notices, press releases, General Assembly weekly roundup, and more.
Following the meeting, the consultant shall prepare draft of meeting minutes.
Florida cities and counties are also turning to SIRE Agenda Plus to receive the means to streamline the minutes making process and allow users to package their meeting minutes, summaries, and agenda with all the supporting materials with a single key stoke.
A Representative Of Each Design-builder Must Attend The Pre-proposal Meeting And Provide An Email Address For The Receipt Of Meeting Minutes, Project Addenda, Or Other Clarifying Information.
In light of the promising results of this meeting, which were confirmed in formal meeting minutes recently received by BDSI, BDSI is currently reevaluating its Emezine(R) strategy.
The Integrated Delivery System (IDS) Meeting Management System, which provides CAIB and IDS members with a system for managing and storing meeting minutes and agendas.
Contract Awarded for deeper maintenance meeting minutes
It appears that investors are focusing on this afternoon's release of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting minutes, hoping that it will improve the day's price action.
On Tuesday, Kuwait's Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry Khaled Suleiman Al-Jarrallah inked with Iranian Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hussain Amir Abdullahyan the first meeting minutes for the Kuwaiti-Iranian political committee.