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a master's degree in education

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Urgent care medications or any that are not available through Meds by Mail can be obtained from a local pharmacy.
Occasionally, there is a medication or circumstance -- if monitoring of a health condition is important or monitoring the therapeutic effect of the medication is an issue or the staff member is unreliable or it is a controlled substance -- where the only way the staff member can access his or her meds is through camp health care staff.
Staff meds are administered from the health center and, generally, per request of the staff member.
HIV-positive men on meds with minimal viral loads are not very infectious.
* Make accommodations for refrigeration of your meds.
Flores: Probably the widespread practice--which is state-specific--of unlicensed caregivers assisting with the meds.
In essence you are hiring people off the street and training them to pass meds.