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It is not likely that the Mediterranean will ever behold a battle with a greater issue; but when the time comes for another historical fight its bottom will be enriched as never before by a quantity of jagged scrap-iron, paid for at pretty nearly its weight of gold by the deluded populations inhabiting the isles and continents of this planet.
He had been in the Mediterranean; in the West Indies; in the Mediterranean again; had been often taken on shore by the favour of his captain, and in the course of seven years had known every variety of danger which sea and war together could offer.
I am going to tell my friend that our plans for the Mediterranean are given up.
It was a city of detached mansions; a Mediterranean lounging-place on the English Channel; and as seen now by night it seemed even more imposing than it was.
When he set out on his holiday in the Mediterranean he had every intention of returning to London and his appointment at St.
So now that you know how easy it is to "Med-up" your favorite dishes or find traditional Mediterranean foods in supermarkets, it's time to get started and enjoy the beautiful life ala Mediterranean.
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak met with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris Monday to revive the Mediterranean Union initiative and the Middle East peace process, according to the French foreign ministry, the Saudi daily AL WATAN reported Tuesday.
With the Mediterranean Diet continuing to receive scientific support for its healthfulness, Oldways and the Mediterranean Foods Alliance (MFA) have announced Mediterranean Month to help consumers bring the diet into their daily meals.
A 20-year study of more than 74,000 women found that those whose diet most closely resembled a traditional Mediterranean diet were significantly less likely to develop heart disease and stroke.
One lasting result included the introduction of the iconic Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, along with thousands of consumer and scientific articles, television programs, a plethora of cookbooks and Web sites, new consumer brands, and the beginning of what The Washington Post called "Mediterranean Madness.
A Mediterranean or low-carb diet may boost weight loss, but neither makes fat melt away.
Academic and practicing contributors from Greece, the UK, Germany, Italy, Australia, the United States, Malta, Spain, and the Netherlands provide 30 essays in six loosely-themed sections: Mediterranean paradigms and the "Mediterranean" idea as an analytical tool in the assessment of archaeological research; major cultural transformations that occurred during the second half of the third millennium BCE in the Aegean, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, and Malta; techno-cultural innovation and the transfer of ideas resulting from regional interaction; the use and consumption of imports in local societies as part of mortuary and non-mortuary assemblages; historical periods in the Mediterranean; and the Mediterranean and the Mediterranean world of heritage.
The expanded edition of MIAMI MEDITERRANEAN DIET comes from a noted cardiologist who argues for the virtue of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle, updating the traditional Mediterranean diet for an audience interested in clinically proven strategies to thwart heart diseases.
Another consideration is a kind of EU for the Mediterranean region; an active integration of Turkey into the Mediterranean Union (instead of full EU membership); a union for all countries bordering the Mediterranean (including Libya, but excluding all Northern European EU Member States); and a union for all 39 members of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP), (i.
Predictions that a warming Mediterranean Sea could spawn hurricanes in the region has raised issues for both scientists and insurers.
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