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aristocratic Italian family of powerful merchants and bankers who ruled Florence in the 15th century

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Lorenzo de' Medici founded the bank along with Ed Boyle, a former MD for Americas at Fidor Bank.
News coverage of Medici's miracle piques the interest of showman VA Vandevere (Michael Keaton), who persuades Medici to join his big top with a promise of jobs for the entire troupe.
The doctor-driven Chiron organisation will be a valuable addition to Medici, a company which provides a global HIPAA-compliant mobile app with secure text, voice and video messaging for doctors to provide convenient virtual healthcare to patients.
The first series of Medici was released in 2016 on Netflix and is based on the true story of the Medici family throughout the 15th century.
In the third essay of Part One, through the reading of noted historians, especially Nicolai Rubinstein, Bill Kent, Philip Jones, and Ernesto Sestan, Andrea Zorzi's essay "Communal Traditions and Personal Power in Renaissance Florence: The Medici as Signori" details the development of Florence from commune to signoria, as well as the Medici from eminent citizens to signori.
Noting the context of royal courts throughout Europe and Eurasia collecting exotic animals during the early modern period, Groom examines the activities of the Medici rulers of Florence as collectors of zoological rarities.
In The Black Prince of Florence, historian Catherine Fletcher relates the improbable rise to power of Alessandro de' Medici, born illegitimate to a mother of low social status circa 1511.
Over the past 12 months, UBI Banca has built a FinTech Ecosystem Partnership Network focused on scouting and screening innovative trends and solutions and sees MEDICI as a key partner to drive this work.
But William Medici, spokesperson for Santa Fe Tourism Enterprise Association (Safetea), said the group would seek reconsideration of the court order and postponement of the demolition.
This wide-ranging book offers 22 essays mostly on the political rule of Cosimo, Piero, and Lorenzo de' Medici. All of the uniformly high quality essays in the book are written by well-established scholars from both sides of the Atlantic.
Salt Lake City -- MEDICI VENTURES exercised the option to purchase additional ownership interest in, the Caribbean's blockchain-based digital payment provider.
In a compelling afterword to this cinematic retelling of the history of Florence's first Renaissance duke, Catherine Fletcher reconstructs the fortune of Alessandro de' Medici's ethnicity over the centuries since his death.
Meanwhile ( Medici Ventures , an Overstock subsidiary strictly focused on investing in blockchain startups, recently led a $2.2 million funding round for the Boston-based voting technology startup ( Voatz .
Assonitis, Alessio, and Brian Sandberg, eds, The Grand Ducal Medici and Their Archive (1537--1543) (The Medici Archive Project Series, 1), Turnhout, Brepols, 2016; cloth; pp.