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emergency care given before regular medical aid can be obtained

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A local Philippine Red Cross official said Relea Catacutan, 21, had to receive medical attention after experiencing difficulty in breathing, while Maxetter Alcantara, 22; Victoria Bispera, 64; and Erning Sales, 67, complained of dizziness.
When asked whether he had gotten medical attention, he said he was hoping to see a doctor today after he was released.
brHe was first arraigned on December 8 amidst outcry from the Kenya National Nurses Union over the shooting.He then requested the court to be allowed to seek medical attention.
All subjects in these incidents were offered medical attention but declined.
The passenger, who received immediate medical attention upon landing, unfortunately could not be saved.
But Mrs Parry, who had owned the home for 31 years, said she had never refused to seek medical attention. She accepted, however, that she had no medical training and nor did any member of staff.
Det Insp Simon Newell said: "If you have taken these tablets, and in any way feel unwell, you should immediately seek medical attention and attend at your local A&E.
He ordered that Tracey receive medical attention and remanded him in custody to appear at Cloverhill District Court on Wednesday.
These included keeping tablets out of reach of the child, using age-inappropriate medication and also delaying getting medical attention for the child.
In Tayside, the number of assaults requiring medical attention rose over the period from 76 to 91.
A MAN who walked into a hair salon and shot his ex-wife desperately needed medical attention, his family said.
The Medikanet tablets can cause harm when used incorrectly and inquiries are under way to trace those responsible for the burglary with anyone who believes they have taken the drug to seek medical attention urgently.
Who is responsible if any non-Arabic speaking resident doesn't get the medical attention they require?
Immediate medical attention should be given to anyone experiencing symptoms of numbness, tingling and dizziness that can lead to breathing or heart problems.
Gunshot wounds, drug overdoses, sexual assaults, and stabbings constitute just a few cases that involve forensic nurses who administer medical attention to individuals with traumatic injuries and those involved in catastrophic accidents, as well as provide assessment and care to both victims and perpetrators of crime and to their families.
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