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Synonyms for mesh

Synonyms for mesh

an open fabric woven of strands that are interlaced and knotted at usually regular intervals

something that is intricately and often bewilderingly complex

to come or bring together and interlock


Synonyms for mesh

the number of openings per linear inch of a screen

contact by fitting together

the topology of a network whose components are all connected directly to every other component

the act of interlocking or meshing

keep engaged

coordinate in such a way that all parts work together effectively

work together in harmony

Related Words

entangle or catch in (or as if in) a mesh

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To conduct a good direct search, some skill and experience with Medline searching is required and in particular familiarity with the medical subject heading (MeSH) hierarchical structure, the superimposed subheading structure, and the organization of the Medline record.
MEDLINE uses Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) that comprise the National Library of Medicine's controlled vocabulary used for indexing articles, cataloging books, and searching databases.
In Medical Subject Headings, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) (1989) defines meta-analysis as a "quantitative method of combining the results of independent studies (usually drawn from the published literature) and synthesizing summaries and conclusions which may be used to evaluate therapeutic effectiveness, plan new studies, etc.
Plus, ReADER allows the user to effectively search CANCERLIT without knowing the indexing terminology, called Medical Subject Headings, or MeSH, used to describe every record in the database.
They identified certain elements, such as Medical Subject Headings, used more routinely by librarians, and concluded that librarians should provide this service in order to give more dynamic library service.
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