Medicago lupulina

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prostrate European herb with small yellow flowers and curved black pods

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The range of Medicago lupulina covers Europe, North Africa and West and South Asia.
Species Family Place 1 Arenaria deflexa Decne Caryophyllaceae Wadi Ghalilah 2 Chenopodium carinatum Chenopodiaceae Al Ain 3 Cyperus longus Cyperaceae Ruwayya 4 Eleusine indica Graminae Wadi Ghalilah 5 Iphiona mucronata Asteraceae Dibba 6 Medicago lupulina Leguminosae ICBA S.
Plot III was largely characterized by introduced species, with Medicago lupulina accounting for over 70% of the stems.
Fabaceae Introduced Lespedeza cuneata Fabaceae Introduced Medicago lupulina Fabaceae Introduced Melilotus albus and Mehlotus officinalis Fabaceae Introduced Trifolium campestre Onagraceae Native Oenothera biennis Oxalidaceae -- Oxalis sp.
stipulatus IV I Eleocharis albibracteata IV + Medicago lupulina III I Azorella trifurcata III IV Boopis gracilis III III Pratia repens III II Poa sp.
Castillo (COL 437868, G, K, MA, P, US); ibidem, entre La Calera y Sopo, prados con Trifolium repens, Trifolium pratense, Medicago lupulina y Verbena littoralis, J.
The use of Trifolium repens, Trifolium subterraneum and Medicago lupulina as overwintering leguminous green manures.
Medicago lupulina, Melilotus officinalis and Taraxacum officinale.
tectorum, Descurainia argentina, Medicago lupulina, Tragopogon dubius.
Ruderal species at SCP, such as Convolvulus arvensis (bindweed), Medicago lupulina (black medic), Trifolium pratense (red clover), and Trifolium repens (white clover) are not present in samples taken at NMP.
Phyla canescens Noticastrum sericeum Melilotus indicus *** Medicago lupulina *** Poaceae I Cenchrus sp.