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a genus of herbs that resemble clover

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Seeds of Medicago sativa were obtained from Rice Research Institute Kala Shah Kakoo, Sheikhupura and sterilized with 10% ethanol for 30 seconds.
In the event that this proposed privatisation is completed, Medicago will be de-listed from the Toronto Stock Exchange.
Effects of chemical competition for multi-metal binding by Medicago sativa (alfalfa).
Medicago added that Roth Capital Partners acted as its financial advisor for the transaction.
La alfalfa, Medicago sativa L, es una leguminosa altamente ecologica, de facil cultivo y comercializacion En el pais, se cultiva como forraje para animales; sin embargo, nuestra poblacion de escasos recursos utiliza de manera esporadica y empirica el jugo extraido de las hojas frescas de alfalfa como una alternativa para disminuir la anemia, combatir la tuberculosis, en ninos, gestantes y adultos.
This burclover, Medicago arabica, has an interesting history in the Mississippi Delta, where it was one of the most widely grown cover crops in the 1950's, rivaling hairy vetch.
SSR markers were developed and used for characterization ofmany legume genus like Medicago (He et al.
Effect of cutting and bronamid herbicide on growth and seed yield of alfalfa Medicago sativa L.
Las especies mencionadas son caracteristicas de la region fitogeografica Chaquena, por el contrario, la presencia de polen de especies exoticas fue muy bajo, el mas notable fue Medicago sativa L.
has won a contract to design a new facility for bio-pharmaceutical company Medicago.
One of the Fabaceae species, Medicago lupulina, was identified at the International Centre for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) in Dubai.