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The first damasks were rich reversible fabrics invented by the weavers of mediaval Islam and Byzantium and Chinese artist-craftsmen at least as far back as the Ming dynasty loved the luscious peony blossom for porcelain, paintings and fabrics.
Author Guy Geltner, a post-doctoral fellow in mediaval history at Lincoln College, University of Oxford, presents a careful and thoughtful reconstruction of life in medieval prisons and challenges previously held views of the life inside such institutions.
The diachronic analysis is based on the following corpora: For French, we have made use, on the one hand, of the Base de francais mediaval, a searchable internet corpus consisting of 48 texts in verse and 29 prose texts written between 800 and 1600, and on the other hand, of the Frantext data base, which contains approx.
This book sets out to trace the commercial development of the food industry from mediaval times to today.
Oxford: The Society for the Study of Mediaval Languages and Literature.