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a city in Indonesia

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'To prevent his girlfriend from returning to Medan, her boyfriend sought the help of his friend to make the false bomb threat in the hope of disrupting the flight schedule to Medan,' he said.
Much like Until Dawn, Man of Medan - the first adventure in Supermassive's new Dark Pictures anthology series - is an interactive storygamewith a branching narrative affected by player choice in both dialogue and actions.
According to ( Destructoid , Supermassive Games has started its "The Dark Pictures Anthology" with the "Man of Medan" horror game.
Participated in by more than 300 Indonesian students, faculty and school administrators from Medan and North Sumatra, the event provided an opportunity for Philippine nursing schools to assess the Indonesian space for expansion, as well as forge academic partnerships, student exchange and capacity building for faculties.
Davao City, the main trade, business and tourism centre of the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines, will be served four times a week; while Medan, the thriving capital of North Sumatra in Indonesia, will be served three times a week.
But do not worry, Ucok Durian takes the orders for delivery in Medan and Jabodetabek area by the phone number printed on the board.
Maize is the common crop they plant, but what they plant cannot feed them for even a month", stressed Medan.
Dated: 11th November 2015 By Order of the Board Igor Medan Bojana Medan
An Indonesian military aircraft C-130 carrying armed forces personnel and their families crashed yesterday in the city of Medan, resulting in loss of over a hundred lives.
North Sumatra police major A Tarigan told TVOne that 141 bodies were recovered from the rubble of the residential area of Medan, where the plane crashed shortly after take-off on Tuesday.
Medan, Indonesia | AFP --The Indonesian military plane that crashed into a residential neighbourhood and killed 142 people likely suffered an engine failure, the air force said Thursday, but denied the aircraft was overloaded after claims civilians had paid to get on board.
Officials warned the death toll could rise after the Hercules C-130 came down in Medan, a city of two million on the island of Sumatra, leaving buildings severely damaged and cars reduced to flaming wrecks.
Muscat: The Ministry of Tourism, represented by its committee for raising the efficiency and developing service and tourist sites at the Governorate of Dhofar, recently inaugurated the experimental operation of Medan Al Sdah (Happiness Square Entertainment).
PT Gunung Gahapi Nisco Indonesia recently broke the ground to mark the start of the construction of a US$200 million new steel factory in Medan, North Sumatra.