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joint capital (with Riyadh) of Saudi Arabia

a place that attracts many visitors

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Sardar's Meccan story: Centrality and underdevelopment
This hadith may well be a reworking of the story of how the Meccans and other Arabian tribesmen in the period immediately preceding the rise of Islam first disagreed over who should have the honor of placing the black stone in the corner of the Ka'sa.
Many prisoners were taken and much booty, but he prophet PBUH showed great diplomacy and foresight; rejecting vengeful advice, he held the Meccans to ransom and treated them well.
Finally, even though the editors claim that it is not a Shi'i encyclopedia, the Badr entry clearly indicates its orientation as it ends with claims as the following, mostly based on Shi'i sources: "For their part, those Meccans who later embraced Islam never forgot their defeat at Badr, especially when tribal rivalries and civil strife emerged after the Prophet's death.
Sporadic references to Abraham's legendary hospitality during the early phase of Muhammad's Meccan activities (610-15 C.
Other foreign visitors remarked on its filthiness, and the " indolence" and " ignorance" of the Meccans.
The Meccans argued that since they were the first to convert to Islam, and there cannot be more than two leaders, the successor has to be from Quraish to maintain the political unity of the Muslim community intact.
In the face of such persecution, the Prophet Muhammad initially sent seventy Muslims to seek asylum in the territory of King Negus, an Abyssinian Christian, who welcomed the band of Muslims and offered them protection in the face of diplomatic and political pressure from the Meccans.
A non-Islamist observant Muslim would argue that until there was the threat of assassination, the Prophet (peace be upon him) did not live in a ghetto and in isolation in Mecca but was participating in critical engagement and dialogue even with pagan Meccans, let alone the People of the Book, who the Quran advises engaging in dialogue with.
Islam discouraged it, not just in words, but the early converts to Islam in Mecca were mostly slaves of the rich Meccans from whom the Holy Prophet (P.
In the Mecca" intermittently relies on suspect conventional forms, then, even as it works to shape a revolutionary poetry, because those older forms, especially the ballad, still speak to and for the Meccans.
The Jews of Khaibar then allied themselves with the Meccans to attack Medina but the allies failed to penetrate the city's defences.
It is a grueling job, having to be on call day and night for a few weeks, but thousands of young Meccans, men and women, seek the job and its good salary.
However, by promoting the voices of the Meccans and by having her characters voice their grievances, Brooks somewhat reverses the direction of the discourse.
it was a peace accord leaning in favour of Meccans signed by the Prophet.