Meccano set

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a child's construction set for making mechanical models


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I could make the most amazing things with my Meccano set but I couldn't write my name
Eddie Boyle, project engineer manager for British Waterways, said: "They are like a large Meccano set - you bolt them together.
QI HAVE a 30-year-old Meccano set that has never been used.
The gears rev taking the hill, and the metal bars and crossbars that will rise into staging, a giant Meccano set, thunk and roll, banging and clanging the trunk in which happy retrievers have stood, ears blown back, in which sheets of plywood have lain next to big black toolboxes, been shoved aside by cardboard boxes, been stained by ducks shot down, their blood forming runnels all the way home from the gut.
Mileson agrees something that can be be thrown up in a few weeks out of a Meccano set isn't the answer.
Surgeons have turned Mark Liddell into a walking Meccano set after he was left ravaged by arthritis.
These bones had to be broken and reshaped and are now held together with metal bolts, screws and a plate - I saw the scan and it's just like a Meccano set.
Like a giant Meccano set, it was assembled from 18,000 pieces of laminated iron made to an accuracy of within a tenth of a millimetre at a workshop in Levallois-Perret on the outskirts of Paris.
The installation itself basically comes together like a giant Meccano set," he added.
There wasn't a lot of money about and the closest you got to high tech was a Meccano set which never set my pulses racing.
Past the old Arms Park, past Wood Street School and Temperance Town, under Wood Street Bridge (meth-drinkers' hangout) then Penarth Road Bridge, the mighty Curran's factories looming, around to the finishing post beneath Clarence Bridge, these days a colourless crossing compared to the giant Meccano set of yesterday.
Blubbing Bubba Watson hated his recent experience in Paris, bemoaning the lack of discipline in French crowd control, the whiff of garlic in the wind and apparently believing the Eiffel Tower to be a giant Meccano set.
On reaching man's estate, the Meccano set has proved oddly elusive.
A rare Meccano set worth more than pounds 2,000 is to go under the hammer in Shropshire next month.
The spoiled American brat (loud, brash and with the obligatory Meccano set welded to her pearly whites) sitting directly behind yours truly suddenly goes into overdrive.