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a child's construction set for making mechanical models

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In 1937, Meccano was used to build the world's first programmable industrial robot and the only known replica of this Robot Gargantua is currently displayed in Enginuity.
For more information about the North East Meccano Society you can visit www.
This cooperation with Meccano de Mexico demonstrates the multiple resources Sabic can offer our customers, from helping to identify the right material within our broad portfolio to assisting with product development on site.
The announcement is a building and construction industry milestone for both Meccano and Sabic that showcases Sabic's commitment to working side-by-side with customers to help them achieve business success.
uk SELF-BUILD [bar] Budding mechanics will love this Meccano set.
Clockwise from far left: Tomy GX Buggy; AppToyz Off Road Buggy; Lazer Stunt Chaser; Air Hogs Hyper Actives Stunt Car; Meccano Turbo RC Pro; VaporizR It has been a busy year for the mechanics who design and build remote-controlled (RC) cars.
Activities will also include designing a motoring-themed badge and motorsport posters plus a Speed Car Construction Challenge to build a Meccano model - then test it to the limit.
RED LIGHT COMPANY Meccano This brilliant single just slipped under the pop radar - how it wasn't a smash hit is simply beyond me.
Kapasi, managing director of My Baby Excels, the toymaker who has brought the Meccano franchise back to India, says, " India is a hot bed of engineering talent and we look forward to leveraging the demand here.
Museum staff are asking anyone who can remember old favourites such as Meccano, Care Bears and Pokeman - or who had a special toy of their own - to come forward with stories that will help bring the playthings to life.
BACK in my era boys fell into two categories - those whose fingers were glue-encrusted from building Airfix model planes and those who were into bolting and unbolting Meccano.
There is a particularly juicy analysis of the misjudgement of factory requirements and on-site dimensional tolerances in projects like Wachsmann's Packaged House and Beckman's Lustron House in the USA, and by their Meccano Men equivalents in the proselytising UK Modular Society and 3'4" Committee.
Some of the UK's best-loved figures and accessories, including Liverpoolborn Frank Hornby's beloved Meccano and Dublo trains, will feature on the designs in a nostalgic nod to a golden age in British toy manufacturing.
Designed and built by the civil engineering students of the Queen's University Belfast the event will showcase an amazing 100ft bridge, made entirely from Meccano.
BARBIE should be put back in her box to make way for more "creative" toys such as Lego and Meccano that are traditionally given to boys, says a top female scientists.