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a vehicle that takes people to and from hospitals

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Lurid tales of nocturnal employment as an escort to make ends meet during her student days surfaced, "hurtful" character assassination which she declined to discuss, and she ended a Conference play-off semi-final at York last season in the back of a meat wagon.
Look he's a nice guy, he's well spoken he could talk a dog off a meat wagon and yet he hasn't delivered," said Mitt Romney, referring to President Barack Obama.
The Meat Wagon LLC, Wenatchee; portable BBQ catering business.
It's still dark as I rattle along in the Meat Wagon, and it's still dark when I emerge at the other end and trudge into Stalag Chronicle, leaving my name, number and identity at the door for the next 12 hours.
About once a month I see a meat wagon and a firetruck pull up, and there's somebody stuck in the middle of the intersection,'' Baker said.
Maybe they could share the Embarrassing Bodies meat wagon.
MEAT WAGON MATINEES Our suggestions for the G4S prison van telly schedule 1 The Great Escape 2 The Fugitive 3 Nuns on the Run 4 Con Air 5 Escape from Alcatraz 6 Prison Break 7 Shawshank Redemption 8 Prisoner Cell Block H 9 Porridge 10 The Green Mile
I've considered both as I rattle along on the 6:06 Meat Wagon.