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Among the areas they explore are meat sustainability and role of meat science in a challenging global environment, meat science and impact, technological demands in meat processing: an Asian perspective, scientific developments underpinning meat safety, consumer aspects: marketing and perspectives, developments in meat packaging, and meat and health: sustaining healthy protein sources.
Thus, the production of consistently tender meat is of primary concern to meat science and the meat industry.
In order to develop the meat industry, the UVAS has established a Department of Meat Science and Technology (MST) which is first of its kind in Pakistan, he claimed.
Attended by culinary students, F&B, retail and industry professionals, the seminar included modules on meat science, butchery skills and cutting techniques, Australian red meat attributes including supply chain and matching correct cooking methods to different cuts of meat.
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Dr Jane Collins has served as an expert scientific spokesperson on a range of topics including: food science and nutrition-dietary guidance; meat science; food safety; food labelling and claims; food regulations and international food trade.
compile 14 chapters on camel meat and meat products, for researchers and students of meat science and agriculture, extension personnel working with camel herders, food scientists, and biology, animal science, and veterinary technology students.