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a large, ungainly, and dull-witted person

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ground meat formed into a ball and fried or simmered in broth

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Dependence on imports for basic material resulted in higher selling prices of canned meat like corned beef, sausage, meat balls, etc.
At the heart of the new meat ball line will be a Carnitech 280mm Combigrinder, one of a new generation of Carnitech machines which has been developed with a renewed focus on hygiene, throughput, product quality, safety and energy efficiency.
Those who believed that you can't go wrong with a shop-bought sandwich for lunch were in for a shock - especially fans of Subway's 12-inch Meat ball Marinara which is said to contain the same amount of salt as 18 bags of salted crisps.
His One Meat Ball, the lament of a hobo, was also a much performed song.
That innovative team in the new product development kitchen at Snowbird foods has come up with a fruity surprise--a meat ball with raisins!
Fireballs are a perfectly textured 56% meat (half and half pork and beef) meat ball which can be eaten hot or cold.
And what was good enough to make a desirable sauce for the Etruscans is good enough to make a desirable meat ball for Snowbird foods.
Fireballs are a perfectly textured 56 percent meat (half and half pork and beef) meat ball which can be eaten hot or cold.
The flagship dish of Afghan cuisine is the Kabuli Palao , which consists of tender meat lamb domed under long grained steamed rice cooked in seasoned broth topped with raisins and julienned carrots and served with Kofta Nakhod , seasoned beef meat balls cooked with grounded chick peas.
ORUK (TURKISH MEAT BALLS WITH BULGUR) A classic belonging to the Ottomon cuisine, Oruk are baked bulgur and meat balls that's a hit with one and all.
MANILA, Philippines - A truck containing meat balls from China was intercepted by the Bureau of Customs and quarantine officers from the Bureau of Animal Industry as the government intensifies its security measures against the entry of African swine fever into the country.
IKEA's meat balls, served with gravy, jam and mashed potatoes, have been a favourite for more than 35 years.
The company's other high quality range of beef products under the Khayrat range include Beef Seekh Kebabs, Beef Chapli Kebabs, Beef Meat Balls, Beef Franks, Tender Beef Cubes, Beef Burgers, to name a few.
This menu welcomes guests for a gastronomic treat with a selection of appetizer such as green lentil soup, Tunisian spiced meat balls, or LoL's special mezze platter.