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The needle of the second drip set was fixed in the lid at the bottom of the absorber and the other end was placed in measuring cylinder. The PVC pipe was used to fix the spike (one end of the pipeline) into it so that the spike can be removed easily during operation or after completion of one batch.
A flow straightener is installed downstream of the test intake ports in the measuring cylinder with a given distance to the cylinder head.
The graphical representation in Figure 10 shows the extent of syneresis of different emulsions for a period of 18 days kept in a measuring cylinder. Initial viscosity measured before testing is also indicative of the trend to separate out as intial low vicosity has greater tendency towards syneresis.
After releasing the clamp, fluid was collected in a measuring cylinder. The time for the first 500 mL of perfusate to flow was measured using a stopwatch.
1.5g of NaOH was dissolved in 42.24mls of methanol in a measuring cylinder. The mixture which is known as sodium methoxide was vigorously shaked until NaOH dissolved completely in methanol.
In order to reach this performance it is obviously necessary for the measuring cylinder axis to be perfectly vertical on the free surface of liquid, therefore the measurement can be made only when the floating body does not move.
Ms Keatlholetswe shared that the department was faced with a challenge of data gaps which needed to be bridged that were created by non-availability of rain gauges or rather devices in some areas and breakage of measuring cylinders.
Coffee is served in chemical beakers, with accompaniments in smaller measuring cylinders so you can concoct your coffee like a scientific experiment.