Tabasco sauce

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very spicy sauce (trade name Tabasco) made from fully-aged red peppers

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McIlhenny joined McIlhenny Company in 1967 and directly oversaw the production and quality of all products sold under the Tabasco brand for 13 years.
McIlhenny was serving as Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, and a Director of McIlhenny Company, as well as President and a Director of Avery Island, Inc.
McIlhenny's tenure, McIlhenny Company experienced many years of record growth in sales and earnings, marked by the introduction of multiple new products and flavors including Tabasco brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce, Tabasco brand SWEET & Spicy Pepper Sauce and Tabasco brand Buffalo Style Hot Sauce.
All of McIlhenny Company and the McIlhenny and Avery families are deeply saddened by this news," said Tony Simmons, President of McIlhenny Company and fifth-generation McIlhenny family member.
The McIlhenny Company chose ISYS:desktop from ISYS Search Software (isys-search.
Bernard, McIlhenny Company historian and curator, "By selecting ISYS to quickly and easily search across these digital archives, we no longer spend a half-hour or more conducting basic Find functions that aren't always successful.
The announcement comes following an extensive review by McIlhenny Company's executive team that began in August and was comprised of four creative ad agencies, including incumbent agency Tracy Locke Dallas, whom McIlhenny Company has worked with for more than 20 years.
Our obligation to the brand is to have the very best marketing partners available and this project allowed us to interact with some of the best strategic and creative talent in the country," said Tony Simmons, Executive Vice President of McIlhenny Company.
This exercise gave us permission to rethink all aspects of our traditional marketing protocol and gain a better understanding of contemporary consumers and the rapidly changing media landscape," added Martin Manion, Vice President of Corporate Marketing for McIlhenny Company.
Ogilvy West and its media partner MindShare, will begin working with McIlhenny Company during the first quarter of 2011.
The archives were set up in 1993 to preserve documents and artifacts relating to Avery Island, Louisiana; the interrelated Avery and McIlhenny families; McIlhenny Company and its Tabasco(R) brand pepper sauce; and other Tabasco brand products.
With a rich American history, McIlhenny Company has an eclectic mix of archived information, from prehistoric items and the original Tabasco sauce recipe, to clippings of Robert E.
The TABASCO(R) marks, bottle and label designs are registered trademarks and servicemarks exclusively of McIlhenny Company, Avery Island, LA 70513.
MDI now has an exclusive license for lottery promotions featuring the incomparable TABASCO(R) brand famous for the pepper sauce first bottled in 1868, and an array of other products produced or licensed by the McIlhenny Company and family in Avery Island, Louisiana.