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(film) a plot element that catches the viewers' attention or drives the plot

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Shipping to mass retail and software specialty stores in early April, The Incredible Adventures of Aristotle McGuffin is the first in TWi's Living History Adventure Series for children.
As for a regulatory path for CBD, American Herbal Products Association President Michael McGuffin said AHPA appreciates the FDA's commitment to explore all options to properly regulate CBD in dietary supplement and food products and will participate actively in the public meeting in April.
Yet the tricks that he and the rest of the group – including lone female performer, the dynamic Chelsea McGuffin – perform are breathtaking.
The town is working with a number of trail groups and renowned outdoor photographers and paddlers Gary and Joanie McGuffin on a Lake Superior Water Trail network featuring the painting sites of the Group of Seven artists.
“Every time I asked Jessica to do something this year, she stepped right up, and she is also very active in the community,” McGuffin said.
The court announced Wednesday that it had affirmed Nicholas James McGuffin's first-degree manslaughter conviction.
AHPA president Michael McGuffin presented the award to Sabinsa, which he described as "a company that sets an example of outstanding business practices that work to move the industry forward above and beyond normal business practices."
He is survived by his four children, Sessa Kereensa of Oregon, Rose McGuffin and her husband, Ryan, of Crescent City, Calif., Dianna Doyle and her husband, David, of Colorado Springs, Colo., and Michael Wheeler and his wife, Susan, of Pella, Iowa.
Professor Peter McGuffin and his team stumbled on the connection while looking for a genetic link to depression in families.
Invoking Hitchcock's famed plot gimmick of something prominent with little or no ultimate meaning, Fiennes explains the title as "something of a McGuffin, just a way to get you into this network."
Malcolm Sutherland, Cumbernauld AAlso known as McGuffin, the name was invented by writer Angus MacPhail and is mainly associated with Alfred Hitchcock films.
The casting sessions show the artist looking for the perfect Hitchcock look-alike and sound-alike; video footage of the sessions is overlaid with a Hitchcockian voice telling a version of the famous McGuffin anecdote.
"The court has said the FDA must pay better attention to detail," declares Michael McGuffin, president of the American Herbal Products Association.