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McArthy received the award at the fifth Annual Chicago CFO of the Year(R) Award Gala, held in Chicago on Thursday.
He's only one of a number of top intercounty players who represent the northside Dublin university, with Donegal's Michael Murphy, James MCarthy and Eoghan O'Gara (Dublin), David Kelly (Sligo), Colm Begley (Laois), Brian Donnelly (Louth), plus a host of young minor and under-21 intercounty starlets on board.
POST XV: Lowden (Bees); N Bressington (Stour)*, Barkley (Stour), Myring (Cov)*, Stevens (Cov); Woodrow (Bees), Barker (Cov); McArthy (Bees)*, Wordley (Stour), Parkins (Cov)*, Quarrie (Bees), Hughes (Stour), Daynes (Cov), Preece (Bees)*, Tibbatts (Cov)* MOSELEY XV: Thomas; Robinson, King, Reay, Hunt; Hughes, Glynn; Warren, Caves, Voisey, Lyons, Sanderson, Mason, Ellery, Pennycook
WIGAN: *AL HABSI 8 - Caldwell 8, Boyce 7, Figueroa 6, Alcaraz 7 - Beausejour 6 (Watson 62mins, 7), Moses 5 (Crusat 42mins, 6), McArthur 7, McArthy 7 - Maloney 7, Di Santo 6 (Sammon 81mins).
The 31-year-old scampered over halfway and regathered and used Sean McArthy in support.
That's exactly what happened to 16-stone dieter Adele McArthy, who followed a Kickstart eating plan devised by Swansea slimming consultant Jacqui Davies and went on to lose almost five stone.
The speakers include Karen Clements, from British Chambers of Commerce, and Arlene McArthy MEP.
Se olvidan que en esos anos el fanatico Joseph McArthy formo una inquisicion realizada en el Congreso federal que puso a miles de norteamericanos inocentes tras las rejas acusados, muchas veces sin pruebas, que eran antinorteamericanos, comunistas y antipatriotas.
Cerny 7, Mensing 6, Canning 7, Elebert 7, Easton 7, Sorsa 5 (Ettien 6), McArthur 7, Neil 7, McArthy 6, Offiong 6 (Tomas 5), Graham 6 (Corcoran 6)
Bet365 - next Championship manager to go: 11-2 P Jewell, 13-2 I Dowie, 8 M MCarthy, 10 J Poortvliet, B Laws, 12 bar.
La Teoria, expuesta en plena "Caza de Brujas" del Senador McArthy, reflejaba los temores norteamericanos de que el mundo comunista pudiera escapar de la Contencion, doctrina empleada desde finales de los 1940's por Truman, una Contencion a la que la politica de EE.
The driver of the car, Michael Mcarthy, 47, of Northridge, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of a controlled substance and could face felony manslaughter charges, Lee said.
Despite their increasing numbers, little research has been conducted to understand their health beliefs and practices in regard to diabetes (Culhane-Pera et al, 2005; Her and Mundt, 2005; McArthy, 2005).
Hamilton sent on Wake in place of James McArthy and switched from a 4-5-1 to 44-2.
Asimismo, en el marco del Foro titulado "Mexico: a year of transition", junto a John Mcarthy, director del Fondo Nacional de Turismo (FONATUR), el gobernador Gonzalez Canto resalto que un factor que ayudo a Quintana Roo fue la confianza demostrada por los mayoristas de viajes y las aerolineas de Estados Unidos en las semanas subsiguientes al desastre natural.