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Canadian writer noted for his analyses of the mass media (1911-1980)

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This way of thinking about tools was surprising at the time--less so now that McLuhan has turned out to be our own cane for sensing what was ahead of us--because we thought of tools as things we used, not as parts of who we are.
At the same time, the content of McLuhan's ideas offers at best an ambivalent contribution to environmentalism.
From observing how people were using the earliest photocopiers, McLuhan suggested that the technology could enable everyone to become their own publisher and spread their own ideas without being beholden to publishing companies.
EXTENSION REVERSAL RETRIEVAL OBSOLESCENCE When taken together, these effects represent what McLuhan calls the message of the medium.
Along with his many books, McLuhan gave the world a number of wonderful quotes, many of them listed on his Wikipedia page.
"A Canadian philosopher and a professor who specialized in media theory, McLuhan came to prominence in the 1960s, just as TV was a becoming part of everyday life.
Like Hegel's, McLuhan's "laws" postulate a cyclical evolution of human processes, encompassing both the trivial and the most profound.
Wolf identifica a noosfera, a membrana inteirica com a rede inconsutil de McLuhan. Para ele, a civilizacao unificada nao e outra coisa que a aldeia global de pensador canadense.
Although her commentary provides its overall frame, Marshall McLuhan's voice also looms large within this volume, both literally (with extracts from McLuhan's writings included in large font) and figuratively (as an inspiration to the author).
Synopsis: Herbert Marshall McLuhan, CC (July 21, 1911-December 31, 1980) was a Canadian philosopher of communication theory and a public intellectual.
In the second part of the book, Gozen then claims cyberpunk as a "literary avant-garde movement" (9) that in its works manifests the "thought systems of modern media theories" (10) proposed by Marshall McLuhan, Teilhard de Chardin and Jean Baudrillard.
First, based on McLuhan's theory, "The Medium is the Massage", he discusses that the message has become less important than the medium itself.
Marshall McLuhan wrote one of his final texts on Appel, which might come as a surprise, given that the artist never explicitly positioned his work in terms .of media or technology.