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25th President of the United States

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They thought that the United States had no international legal right to interfere in Spain's sovereign affairs and urged the McKinley administration to avoid a long and expensive war.
As the McKinley administration began in March 1897, Republican congressional leaders in both the Senate and House believed that the new president should have time to organize his administration and to attempt a diplomatic solution for Cuba, but they also expected McKinley to work to free Cuba from Spanish rule.
arms to the Cubans began, the McKinley administration anticipated that Spain would break diplomatic relations with the United States.
senator, to knock the "pus" out of this "anarchistic, socialistic and populistic boil"--the McKinley Administration came up with war in Cuba, the conquest of the Philippines, the annexation of Puerto Rico, and an imperialist foreign policy deemed "essential to the greatness of every splendid people," necessary "to the strength and dignity of any nation.
Yet, there was talk of closing the Patent Office during the McKinley administration, which lasted from 1896 to 1901.
The chapter on the Cleveland administration largely considers state actions, while much of that on the McKinley administration deals with the Cleveland years.
From the treaty's terms, it appears the corporate elite that dominated the McKinley Administration fought the war to grab what they could of Spain's colonies.
This, then, was the situation the McKinley Administration faced after the signing of the treaty in December.
The McKinley Administration grabbed the islands from Spain, and Teddy Roosevelt fought a bloody war of repression against an authentic native insurgency.