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25th President of the United States

a mountain in south central Alaska

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Beyond Karl Rove's attempt to put together a new, winning coalition, Phillips rejects any meaningful parallels between McKinley and Bush.
In Massachusetts, where McKinley was raised, only 5 percent of the population is African American.
To cover the money he needed, McKinley made a journal entry.
McKinley told Spain to leave Cuba or be forced out.
Along for the ride are Merrill Lynch's Smith; Bob's son, Robert Gillam, a McKinley marketing representative in the firm's Dallas office; some McKinley portfolio managers and technology specialists; and the sous chef of Alaska's five-star Alyeska Hotel.
Martin Hendershot joined McKinley in September of 2008, as a marketing coordinator.
McKinley said he had no expectations going into his first season with Nashoba.
McKinley, standing in the ring Tyson spars in on the other side of the barrier, grabbed the microphone from Shields and said, ``You go to his dressing room and ask what kind of medication he's on.
What follows is an almost play-by-play account of Roosevelt's years in power that begins with his breakneck dash by horseback and special trainride from his cabin in the wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York to Buffalo, where McKinley lay dead, the victim of an anarchist's bullet.
com)-- McKinley Custom Products honors thousands of inventors and their families across the nation by adding a new product to its renowned line of Awards and Trophies.
Phillips proposes that President McKinley, an upright, moral, honest individual whose tenure in office was not rocked by scandal, although not of the rank or stature of Washington, Lincoln, or FDR, belongs on the "second tier" with unnamed lesser lights.
In short, Denali is a wild, subarctic ecosystem in the guise of a national park, and if visitors are understandably drawn to its charms - soaring Mount McKinley, a vibrant array of wild animals, the lush summer carpet of tundra and taiga - they tread here strictly on the park's terms.