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United States educator who compiled the McGuffey Eclectic Readers (1800-1873)

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Noah Webster's Blue-Backed Speller, first published in 1783--and later, McGuffey Readers--used phonics to teach reading and then introduced children to literature: real stories that captured the imagination.
District Court claims the McGuffey School District created a special-needs teaching program for her daughter in third grade but discontinued it in 2013 without telling parents.
Educational resources have a long history, from Aelius Donatus's fourth-century Ars grammatica to the McGuffey's Readers to the Khan Academy.
But in fact, if you go back to McGuffey's Reader, or if you go back to the 1800's, if you go back to Abraham Lincoln, you find that much more common as we look at how do we evaluate not others, but ourselves--how you evaluate yourself.
First, the sCOT concentrations reflect the integrated contributions from all potential exposure sources, including inhalation, dermal absorption, and ingestion (McGuffey et al.
McGuffey (1982) reported that heating and air conditioning systems appeared to be very important, along with special instructional facilities (practical laboratories and tools) contributory to student accomplishment.
The versions of the story found in The New McGuffey Second Reader (McGuffey 1901) and Baldwin's (1896) Fifty Famous Stories Retold are identical.
She discusses Noah Webster, Jr., William Holmes McGuffey, the Joplin Plan, grouping for instruction, basal readers, Arthur Irving Gates, William Scott Gray, Jr., the Fernald technique, the Gillingham-Stillman Approach and Orton-Gillingham Approach, the language experience approach, the individualized reading approach, readability, oral reading, miscue analysis, the initial teaching alphabet, Words in Color, the linguistic approach, emergent literacy, story grammar, the Reading Recovery Program, phonemic awareness, the whole language approach, literature circles, literature-based reading approaches, readers' theater, the Four Blocks Framework, the cloze procedure, the Question-Answer Relationship strategy, alternative assessment techniques, and the reading-writing workshop.
McGuffey approved the address and noted the explicit religious tone of the proposals.
The cast of three men and four women consists of four new faces and three Valley Performing Arts veterans, including Jennifer McGuffey, Mathew Firmin, and Patty Taylor.
License issued to Charles McGuffey. (Editor's note: The owner's name was incorrect in a listing in the September issue of the Wenatchee Business Journal)
Feed additives such as organic acids, ionophores, halogen compounds and other antibiotics were used to modify ruminal fermentation, affect ruminal methanogenesis and improve animal performance (Chalupa, 1988; Martin et al., 1999; McGuffey et al., 2001; Russell and Houlihan, 2003).
Also, this chapter narrates the growth in theater-building, Californian gold diggers, McGuffey readers, the popularity of Shakespeare dubs, and the evolution of Shakespeare parodies and burlesque.
We are very far removed today from the McGuffey Readers of old, which sought to teach our young people not only to read and to think, but also to think wisely.
Murray traces this sense of responsibility to the McGuffey Readers, explaining that