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English rock star and bass guitarist and songwriter who with John Lennon wrote most of the music for the Beatles (born in 1942)

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The book also reveals about the volatile relationship McCartney had with his band member John Lenon.
Grace's design will feature on the front of Mr McCartney's card, which he said will be produced and sent out at no cost to the tax payer.
The images were taken at the end of a shoot for the Wings At the Speed of Sound (1976) album and during the photo session for McCartney's Off the Ground album in 1995.
News  on Tuesday night if she would be open to designing the wedding dress, McCartney said she'd "definitely think about it," but with a little prodding, she revealed that she would "be honored."
McCartney recently released his 17th studio album 'Egypt Station,' his first of new material since 2013's 'New.'
LONDON (AP) -- Paul McCartney's Christmas message to his fans around the world: Don't be like me and eat and drink too much.
McCartney associates him self with the Word of God Community, which requires complete submission to a person called "the head" He also has links with the Vineyard Church, which has a branch in Boulder.
Opinion polls indicate that McCartney's troops don't want to see the group become too partisan.
But in the frenzied fray, buyers did manage to write orders -- for more than $95,000, according to Philip Gunn, director of Heather McCartney Designs.
On the evidence in his book, McCartney makes a convincing case for his conclusion: "Many played a role in the development of the computer, but Eckert and Mauchly were the ones who ultimately put it all together."
The Italian manufacturer of luxury goods Gucci and the British fashion designer Stella McCartney have announced a partnership agreement on the development of a new global brand of "Stella McCartney" luxury goods.
Fans of the Beatles and Paul McCartney won't want to miss this lovely title, filled with photos never seen before and insider details from McCartney himself, and packed in an eye-catching hardcover suitable for gift giving and coffee tables.
Best of all is that McCartney still has it - the voice, the stage presence, everything that has made him one of the world's biggest rock stars for 40 years.
The Swedish fashion group Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) said on Wednesday (11 May) that it had entered into a design collaboration with Stella McCartney for the autumn 2005 season.