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unscrupulously accusing people of disloyalty (as by saying they were Communists)

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To the contrary, I perceive, as I think Moynihan perceived, that today's liberals differ markedly from the 1950s liberals Hodgson describes as "patriotic social democrats, who called themselves liberals because they were afraid of attack, not from the Left, but from the McCarthyite Right," and who, like Moynihan, adhered to a liberalism that "grew out of his New Deal reverence for what he called .
The importance of 'knowing your source, and the need to help pupils develop information literacy skills, was clearly brought home to history teacher Ben Walsh when he asked his GCSE students to research information about the Owen Lattimore case in the context of the McCarthyite 'Red Scare' in the USA in the 1950s:
Plenty of Hollenbeck's friends and colleagues were quick to blame his death on New York Journal-American columnist Jack O'Brian, a McCarthyite and redbaiter who relentlessly bullied and badgered Hollenbeck.
The fourth chapter explores McCarthyite crime films.
Recently I bought the autobiography of Robert Vaughn--yes, that's right, the Man from Uncle-but also a very intelligent actor, having written a well respected account of the McCarthyite era.
At the same time, American propaganda fell foul of conservative, even McCarthyite, attitudes to the visual arts in the US.
Her latest comments about the expenses scandal will not have brought that moment any closer - one senior Tory dismissed her complaints of a McCarthyite witch-hunt against MPs as "completely wacky".
Ms Chakrabarti, who has been a critic of the Government over issues like the detention of terror suspects, said: "I think this raises very serious questions about just how politicised, even McCarthyite, this operation was.
Similarly he was a victim of another McCarthyite smear, when later accused of granting passports for the Soviet agents Peter and Helen Kroger.
SIR - To paraphrase the anti-communist McCarthyite trials in America, I do not represent an extreme form of nationalism, nor do my views represent the views of nationalists in Caerphilly.
In addition to being wrong, Kristol is also a vicious McCarthyite toward those with whom he disagrees, and among his prime targets has been, um, The New York Times.
Sir John compared the tactics adopted by Tony Blair, then leader of the Opposition, to the McCarthyite witchhunts against communist sympathisers in the United States in the 1950s.
In "Room Enough to Caper," he coaxes an appointed boy senator--whose marriage is on the rocks and who is wracked with grief over what he takes to be his role in the death of his brother--into a reelection bid, by forcing a thuggish McCarthyite opponent on him, and jolting his self-respect back to life in the process.