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unscrupulously accusing people of disloyalty (as by saying they were Communists)

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While the witchfinders claim to have unearthed a "pattern of behavior" in Williamson's efforts to expose their smears, in fact, the real pattern of behavior is there for all to see: a concerted McCarthyite campaign to destroy Corbyn before he can reach No 10.
We put out a little magazine, Comment, that provided an outlet for intellectuals and writers some of whom were blacklisted by the McCarthyite witch hunters.
It was seen by some as 'McCarthyite' and 'sinister' in tone while Prof Brooks called it 'dog whistle politics at its worst'.
That's the worrying aspect which smacks of a kind of McCarthyite interest.
The film legend was a victim of the McCarthyite witch-hunt.
Well, Michael Sean Winters has joined in with his "At long last, have you left no sense of decency" blog post ( about a ruckus over the outing of homosexuals in Catholic organizations using "McCarthyite tactics."
While ( promoting Clinton's candidacy, he has called the Vermont senator "McCarthyite" for demanding Clinton release transcripts of her paid speeches to Wall Street groups.
No known evidence demonstrates any complicity in Chisholm's scheme, but in a smarmy new ad she exploits his manufactured atmosphere of synthetic scandal in a manner best described as McCarthyite. Indeed, one probable purpose of Chisholm's antics was to generate content for anti-Walker ads.
That absurd McCarthyite attack was false, but the vilification was real.
Ike--and almost all of those advising him, after the McCarthyite decimation of the State Department--was a confirmed Europeanist, with little knowledge of or intrinsic interest in China.
Allamehzadeh ends his film by reflecting that anyone in Iran who steps out of line is accused of being a Baha'i, a word that carries the same weight, he suggests, as the word "communist" did during the United States' "McCarthyite" witch hunts.
Those who understand that most American liberals in the 1950s were patriotic social democrats, who called themselves liberals because they were afraid of attack, not from the Left, but from the McCarthyite Right, will understand that Moynihan's liberalism grew out of his New Deal reverence for what he called (in his "Guiding Principles for Federal Architecture") the "dignity, enterprise, vigor and stability of the Federal government." To imagine that, because he went to work for Nixon for little more than two years, he was a convert to conservatism, makes it unnecessarily hard to understand a very great man.
I think his discomfort with Jewish power is mainly misplaced." But he is plainly not an anti-Zionist, much less someone with a hateful heart; and, equally plainly, withholding the degree based on his political views is, as Kushner put it, "McCarthyite nonsense."
True, some of it is classic McCarthyite red-baiting.
In the world of politics, the mashup has just become a shiny new version of the old McCarthyite smear.