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unscrupulously accusing people of disloyalty (as by saying they were Communists)

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Deery's powers of exposition, underpinned by a deep understanding of the period and meticulous research, bring much needed fresh perspectives to the responses of progressive people confronted with the ubiquitous challenges inherent throughout the McCarthy era.
CRuCIBLE (1996) 5ThE ARTHUR MILLER'S famous play about the Salem witch trials was first staged in 1953 and was inspired by his own experience during the McCarthy era.
He was to become known for his crusading zeal, and this was shown during the McCarthy era when his actions helped protect the identity of blacklisted writers.
THE anti-Communist McCarthy era of the 1950s nowadays appears more than a tad ridiculous.
She traces his family background, education, ideas about science, personality, his work during World War II on the atomic bomb and at Los Alamos, investigations of him during the McCarthy era, and how he was blacklisted from academia.
He is one of the few survivors of the McCarthy era.
The ad, directed by Simon Delaney, is set in McCarthy era America and sees a man being cross-questioned for meeting other drinkers in a bar.
A target of the House Un-American Activities Committee during the McCarthy Era (late 1940s-1950s), she eventually joined the Black expatriate community in Paris.
The Northwest is the epicenter of a Green Scare possibly as virulent as the Red Scare of the McCarthy era.
The Limon Dance Company has revived The Traitor (1954), a Judas-like piece Limon made in response to the treachery and paranoia of the McCarthy era.
159) similar to communists in the McCarthy era, government "coercion" (J.
He opened his own talent agency in 1948 and later represented leading writers who were blacklisted during the McCarthy era, including Ring Lardner and Dalton Trumbo.
Now in a second revised edition, The Girl is a novel by fiery female writer Meridel le Sueur (1900-1996), who survived a blacklist during the McCarthy era of the 1950s and a rediscovery of her work in the 1970s.
Since Carl Foreman, the writer of the screenplay, was a leftist and went into exile in London during the McCarthy era, there are those who have described the movie as a metaphor for Hollywood blacklisting.
Thus the film colony found itself at the centre of American postwar politics--a controversial era which has since produced countless memoirs, documentaries and films, most as hugely distorted as George Clooney's new film on the McCarthy era, Good Night and Good Luck, is likely to be.